Extraordinary Support

Why Do Customers Choose Cloudstream?

We’re Always Available

Direct, one-to-one interactions with our support team whenever you need us. None of those frustrating automated menus when you call.

We’re Here To help

From detailed planning to a 3am emergency, you always get the answers and assistance you need.

We’re Empowered

We love helping you and we’re equipped to do just that. So, when you call Cloudstream, you’ll speak to someone who can solve your problem.

We’re Transparent

No matter what happens, our team will always speak honestly.

What We Offer

Impressive Expertise

We’ve got certified engineers with expertise across multiple technologies, and with practical experience in most industries.

Total Flexibility

Our customers regularly change their configurations to match their varying business needs. We operate quickly for smooth, painless changes: we move fast and we love it!


We treat every customer interaction as a priority. That means you can get on with your day safe in the knowledge that we’re rapidly doing our utmost for you.

Strong SLA’s

Our SLA’s are fair, and guarantee you’ll get 100% power and 100% commitment.

What We’ll Never Do:

Lock You Into Contracts

We’re committed to providing a good service that customers value. If we don’t meet our contractual obligations and can’t make it right, you can leave. Stay because you want to, not because you have to.

Script Our Answers

We don’t use scripts to solve problems, we use our brains. Our customers deserve the right answers, not what a script tells us.

Deliver Poor Solutions

We’ll help you find the best solution for your needs, not just what suits us. If you end up spending less with us, that’s great!

Sell To You Unnecessarily

If you have good technology behind your business, you’ll call us less and buy from us again in the future. It’s in our best interest to sell you hardware thats useful and appropriate.