Any company that makes use of IT products cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to monitoring their system.

How would your company cope with any of the following:

  • System crash
  • Hard Drive failure
  • A destructive Virus in your system
  • Faulty system data back-up
  • Loss of power

Can you afford to take the chance? Cloudstream could be your insurance policy against one of these potential disasters. We provide a wide range of auditing services including:

  • Network capacity
  • DRBC Strategy planning
  • Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Anti-Spyware strategy
  • Advice on uninterruptible power supply requirements
  • Hardware inspection
  • Data Loss prevention
  • Bring your own Device planning & strategy
  • Cloud email and File storage planning & strategy

Identifying potential problem areas within your network will improve its performance and minimise disruption. In many cases these problems can be averted before they occur.