Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Do you go to work without a safety net?

Online Backup and Disaster Recovery acts as an insurance policy that minimises risk to the business and helps you avoid an unplanned career break.

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Disaster Recovery is an insurance policy; you’ll never appreciate it until you desperately need it. Whether you have a minor disruption or the unthinkable happens, business users are impatient and you’ll be expected to recover your systems within minutes, whatever the situation.

RecoveryShield™ is an automated Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that ensures your recovery time objectives are measured in minutes not days. You can manage your whole recovery infrastructure from a central position and frequent recovery points minimise disruption to the business, regardless of the situation.

RecoveryShield™ can be implemented as a fully-outsourced managed service or configured as an internally managed platform, providing you with flexible ways to maintain control of your DR process and manage your budgets.

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