IP Telephony

What is IP Telephony?

In simple terms, IP Telephony transmits voice over a data network (for example via your broadband connection) rather than the traditional analogue phone line.

How does it work?

Technically, when you make a call the conversation is broken down into tiny packets and reassembled at the receiving end. There is a common misconception that IP Telephony requires access to a computer, however all that is required is a broadband connection.

The result?

The call sounds exactly as it does on traditional analogue lines, and your company can benefit from improved call management, total flexibility with phone numbers, and lower costs.

What types of IP Telephony does Cloudstream offer?

We offer hosted VOIP solutions. Choose a hosted IP Telephone System and we guarantee you will benefit from reduced line rental and call costs, with free calls to any UK landline and UK mobile number, the potential cost savings, even for the smallest company are huge.

You can keep your existing numbers, and our solutions are infinitely scaleable in line with the growth of your company.

We manage everything from the design, ordering, installation and ongoing support. So you can be confident in knowing you only need make one phone call for help. Oh and that call will be free!

More on Hosted VOIP: Your telephone system is hosted externally by us, so there is no need for physical hardware (other than handsets) in your premises. The system is controlled by you and your users via simple yet intuitive online control panels. The main benefits of a hosted system are that you don’t need to rely on technical expertise, thus giving you increased control, there are no maintenance charges, and your system is upgraded automatically when new features are released.