Telephony Connectivity

Analogue & ISDN Telephone Lines & Cheap Calls

We can provide your company with fixed telephone line rental and low call charges. We offer you an unsurpassed level of service; we are reliable and efficient, with a personal touch and, of course, we offer significant savings on all calls.

Following an industry drive for equivalence, BT has been forced to provide communications providers access to the BT systems and processes (also known as WLR3). This includes HIGHnet, and means we can now pre-qualify orders, transfer and provision lines, and directly book, cancel and rebook appointments with BT engineers. We have raised the bar in terms of service delivery and can provide a much more streamlined and faster order process.

We provide telephone line rental on standard analogue lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30. Bring your existing lines to us, or let us provide you with brand new lines. We can also provide low cost telephone calls, regardless of whether or not you have your telephone lines with us.

Remember, there is no need to change your existing telephone numbers. The only difference is the name at the top of your bill, and the (much smaller) price at the bottom.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is the term for the telecommunications solution that takes your existing PSTN phone system and connects it to an IP network.

It could be that your existing telephone system is already IP-capable, if so, all we need to do is connect our IPDirectConnect service to it and you’ve got an IP phone system. Your system is unlikely to be IP-capable if it is a bit older, but don’t worry, we can attach CONVERTER which, when plugged into your existing system, acts as a VoIP gateway to the IP network and provides you with exactly the same service.

SIP trunks are an alternative to ISDN (digital) lines. It is important to realise that although they are similar, they are not like for like services. SIP trunking is a more cost-effective option for a number of reasons. In relation to expansion, additional lines can be added at a fraction of the cost (and indeed time) than deploying ISDN would entail. Also, all internal calls and transfers are free of charge, and those which break out onto the traditional network (PSTN) are greatly discounted.

SIP trunking is easy to install, and compatible with most phone systems. It is available over ADSL, SDSL, LLU or private circuits. SIP trunks are easily scaleable, and provide genuine resilience and improved business continuity and disaster recovery. Like all our Ultimate Voice products, you are guaranteed access to Emergency Services.