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Most businesses only review their telecoms estate every few years or so. In an ever-changing market such as communication, this can lead to missed opportunities, less productivity, and potentially outdated technology. As a leading supplier of voice, data, Internet, and IT Services to the UK business market we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to the demands and needs of our customers across a range of services:

  • BT Analogue Lines

  • Call Charge Management

  • Leased Lines

  • Mobile

  • Structured Cabling

  • VOIP

  • WIFI

The support of one provider who’s able to supply your entire telecoms and IT estate could be the key to maintaining an efficient, productive, and relevant infrastructure. Here are five reasons to consolidate your telecoms with Cloudstream Technology.

spend less time managing suppliers.

Having your voice, data, Internet and IT services supplied by just one provider means that you have just one supplier to manage. This leaves you with more time to do what matters – run your business. Don’t spend all of your time on the phone, sending multiple emails and chasing updates – make one phone call in the knowledge that it’s all under control.

proactive account management.

By speaking to a familiar person each time you contact your provider, it’ll give you peace of mind that all of your services are being managed to the same standard. We are aware of the way you do things and as such likely to be in a good position to make valuable recommendations based on your business needs. The last thing you need to do is repeat yourself over and over when you need advice.

service and support for all business activities.

Unplanned downtime is never ideal; there isn’t a good time to suffer a fault that impacts any part of your business. If there is just one supplier responsible for your entire estate, then you’re at an advantage, against your competition. With one supplier a solution can be reached more efficiently as you’re cutting out the need to report an issue multiple times.

All updates will be streamlined and if you’re with the right provider, your business disaster recovery plan will minimise any disruption as a result.

improve agility and flexibility.

It’s never been more important to remain responsive in business. Any changes to your day-to-day requirements can impact not only your employees but your customers and suppliers too. Having your voice, data, and mobile with just one supplier will improve the timescales in which any changes to your estate are made.

Whether it’s in response to a temporary unforeseen measure, or a change to support business development, it’s important to have the flexibility and scalability in your communications to react quickly.

better visibility of spend (including possible savings).

Consolidating your telecoms not only makes life easier from a management perspective but also allows you to oversee your total spend much more clearly. You have complete visibility, often on one bill, which will compare your usage to your overall spend. You’ll be able to identify these key trends in your usage. In addition to this benefit, most suppliers will also offer a discount on the price for those customers who hold more than one product with them, as it helps to streamline their costs too!

We offer a wide range of voice, data, and mobile solutions to help you get the most from your business telecoms.

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