IT Assist

A new paradigm in assistance for IT Managers.

We have been providing outsourced IT support for Small and Medium Businesses since 2000. We have also been providing backup services to businesses that have their own IT Manager so we understand the pressures and responsibilities of the job. As an IT Manager for a Small or Medium Business you understand these too. We also understand that a lot of your time is taken up with the day-to-day fire-fighting that limits the time you have to do the tasks that add value to the business and that sometimes you’d just like to have someone who understands to turn to.
We surveyed a number of IT Managers in the same position as you and asked for help in designing a new service that would give them back time, and also give them a sense of security, and we came up with IT Assist. IT Assist has three elements to it; technical helpline, on-site assistance and automatic remote server monitoring.
  •  Technical Helpline; this is for when you need to talk to someone about a problem or issue you are having trouble with. Our engineers are all Microsoft Certified Professionals and have many years of experience giving advice on all aspects of IT. They also spend a lot of time fixing problems for our clients both remotely and on-site. The technical helpline is available to you at all times throughout the business day. You never need to feel you have no one to turn to again!
  •  On-site Assistance; this is for when you have those little jobs that need to be done but you just haven’t had the time to get round to them. IT Assist allows for one hour of an engineers time on-site, per month, to work on anything IT related.
  •  Automatic Remote Server Monitoring; server health is something that must be taken seriously if your systems are to be kept up and running. However, keeping on top of this is something that can be forgotten when other things are going on. IT Assist provides for automatic server monitoring (key workstations can also be monitored) every day, whether you’re there or not, and a report can be sent to you every morning so that you can be sure that everything is OK.

IT Assist is the new service for IT Managers that compliments what you do and takes away most of the dull, but necessary, routine and gives you someone you can share your problems with.

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